Say goodbye to Dull & Drab - OZONE is a custom-designed multipurpose hall Offering a vibrant space to switch off and recharge your mind, body and soul. It helps to reduce stress at work whilst increasing creativity and enhancing productivity. OZONE features a cinema screen, a library, a Health Club, a karaoke station and a kitchen to go along with space for employee dining.


Building a healthy workforce, the Health Club @ Ozone is built to reduce stress, enhance mood and stimulate brain functioning


A place to learn, re-learn and uplift your skills, the library in Ozone stocks variety of books from all spectrums of life to cater to the book worm inside you.


A cinema-grade screen with Dolby Digital Surround system, enabling employees to enjoy their favorite movies with popcorn


Fostering a culture of employees enjoying fresh snacks in office, the kitchen provides a range of healthy options for employees to bite-in at subsidized prices


Giving employees an opportunity to let their hair down and have a gala time, OZONE houses drums and Guitars for lively Karaoke sessions


The most successful meetings are ones where everyone feels comfortable, and what is a better way to achieve this than with a good cup of coffee? At CafeORO, our staff and visitors enjoy premium coffee blends and other delicious beverages as they brainstorm new ideas.